The Beautiful Data #4 : Card Popularity

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Hello everyone!

This week, we’ll take a look at card popularity in Sorare.

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Cards owned by different users

A big part of Sorare is people trading cards between themselves after they appear on the primary market. Cards swap hands multiple times, and it’s interesting to see which cards have the most distinct users.

Card LinkPlayerDistinct ownersSeason Padt192020 de Camargo172019 Willems162019Ángel Correa152019 Appiah152020 Rice152019 de Camargo152019 De Wolf152019 Marcq152019

Sergio Padt (Rare #13) was owned by 19 different owners throughout its history, which is impressive as it’s a card that was issued in the 2020 season. Igor de Camargo and Steeven Willems follow suit with 17 and 16 distinct owners respectively.

Player hoarding

Something that is fun to look at are managers that collect a card of the same player multiple times. So let’s see the players that are owned the most by a particular manager (Max 1 appearance per manager).

VictorNettoyeurMarley Ake32
PawelTraderNuno Tavares26
TronyqueHeo Yool21
Zima BlueNicolò Zaniolo19
QeeYouJason Davidson19
KlapperschlänglaObbi Oularé19
Bomberoni89Jean-Daniel Akpa Akpro18
uyuiioJason Davidson16
LosamaxYuji Takahashi15
uyuiioYoon Yong-Ho15
jandelahIvan Marcano15

We see VictorNettoyeur has great hope that Marley Ake becomes a huge star in the future by owning an impressive 32 cards of that same player!

Now let’s see which player’s cards are concentrated the most to the same managers by subtracting the number of cards of that player to the number of distinct users owning at least 1 of that player’s card:

NameCards CountUser CountDiff
Cristiano Ronaldo15410945
Hans Vanaken20015644
Akihiro Hayashi1086543
Igor Plastun1369343
Weston McKennie15511243
Sébastien Dewaest1096742
Ivan Marcano1096841
Jason Davidson955540​

For example, Ronaldo collectors seem to have multiple cards from him, as 109 users own 154 cards.

Card Gems

Some players have been printed a few times for different reasons (for example he moved to another club). Those offer precious collectible value as they are extremely rare to find. Let’s take a look at the players that averaged at least 50 in the Last 5 games and that have less than 10 cards in circulation:

PlayerCards CountAverage Last 5
Jonathan Buatu159
Sei Muroya177
Bruno Costa254
Renzo Saravia353
Luciano Narsingh352
Isaac Thelin352
Thijs Oosting352
Mohamed Buya Turay462
Kazunori Yoshimoto652
Omid Ebrahimi652
Sam Nicholson767
José Gonzalez766
Marvin Baudry752
Miloš Kosanović751
Lasse Sobiech866
Kazuki Kushibiki870
Aïssa Mandi957
Magnus Eriksson968
Marton Eppel951
Park Byung-Hyun953

For example Buatu has just 1 card available, and his last 5 is quite impressive

Cards with the most bids

When a card goes on the market, there are always bidding wars going on between different managers. Let’s take a look at the cards that had the most bids throughout Sorare’s history.

Card LinkPlayer NameNumber of Bids Davies60 Mbappé59ão Félix58 Davies57 Wirtz57 Mbappé55

Popular names such as Neymar and Mbappe feature heavily, as they are wanted by so many different managers due to their star status.

Players with highest card circulations

Cards can come in from both the primary market and rewards. Here are the players that feature the most:

PlayerCard Count
Jonathan David210
Jhon Lucumí208
Jean Butez207
Fashion Sakala202
Jordan Larsson201
Hans Vanaken200
Arnaud Bodart199
Mike Maignan198
Simon Mignolet197
Imran Louza194
Théo Bongonda192
Agustín Marchesín192

Mainly, we see players that had cards minted in all of Sorare’s seasons: 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Now, let’s take a look at the players that have the most distinct users that own the card. So if a user owns 4 Jonathan David, we count it as 1.

NameUser Count
Jhon Lucumí194
Jean Butez189
Mike Maignan179
Agustín Marchesín177
Arnaud Bodart177
Fashion Sakala177
Jonathan David175
Simon Mignolet174
Imran Louza174
Théo Bongonda174
Moussa Diaby172
Jordan Larsson172


I hope you enjoyed this fourth post, any feedback is appreciated. Also feel free to share what kind of data analysis you would like to see in the future!

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Next article will focus on best criteria to buy a good midfielder on Sorare.

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