Can you win cards on Sorare with ONLY THE BEST players ?

Are you wondering if it is possible to create a Super Team with all the best players available in a region to win a lot of money? Should you take only the best players to earn cards? How much would it cost? How much would you earn? Let’s go for some fiction!

What is a Super Team ?

It is possible to create many and many teams, in all leagues, and at very different prices. In order to create a Super Team, we will prefer players :

  • Playing in major leagues;
  • Playing in European competitions;
  • Undisputed starters in their respective clubs;
  • Undisputed starters in their national teams;
  • At an “economical” price, when possible;
  • Not at the very end of their career, when possible.

The players selected will be based on the data provided by SorareData, with the following conditions:

  • Focus on the Champion Europe league, because of the current period
  • 80% starters in the last 40 games
  • Best scores L40

How much does a Super Team cost?

Find a goalkeeper

As of this writing, the top 5 goalkeepers are as follows:

Best 5 goalkeepers

Of the 5 goalkeepers, only 3 are indisputable: Mike Maignan, Alisson and Manuel Neuer. Among these 3 goalkeepers, only Manuel Neuer is an undisputed starter for the national team, but he is nearing the end of his career with his 35 years old. In these conditions, we will retain Alisson as goalkeeper for our super team. However, we can see that the top goalkeepers are worth more than 1 ETH.

Find a defender

As of this writing, the top 5 defenders are as follows:

Best 5 defenders

Of the 5 defenders, 3 stand out: Virgil van Dijk, Marquinhos and Milan Skriniar. Mats Hummels and Jordi Alba are credible alternatives, but both are nearing the end of their respective careers. Milan Skriniar has an exceptional cost / performance ratio! A deal not to be missed! But for the exercise of a super team, the investor may want to go for the cream of the crop, and Virgil van Dijk and Marquinhos are excellent safe havens, both being considered among the best in the world in their positions. For this exercise, we will retain Marquinhos, little bothered by injuries and young.

Find a midfielder

As of this writing, the top 5 middles are as follows:

Best 5 midfielders

In the midfield, 3 stand out: Joshua Kimmish, Kevin De Bruyne and Carlos Soler. If Carlos Soler is a very interesting choice economically, he does not play today in a top European club. In these conditions, we will retain Joshua Kimmish for our super team.

Find two forwards.

As of this writing, the top 10 forwards are as follows:

Best 10 forwards

Among the top 10 strikers, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and to a lesser extent Neymar are “out of category”, due to their price. Among the remaining choices, Memphis Depay and Romelu Lukaku seem to be the most interesting choices, both for their performances and their cost and age.

How profitable is it?

Initial investment

7,761 ETH. At the current price of the ether (2823,42 dollars), 21 912,56 dollars are needed to create a Super Team. Considering that you will probably need a substitute from time to time in case of injury or suspension, this aggregates to 23 000 dollars. In the current state of the game, if you want to make an Super Team (only the best), it costs you today 23 000 dollars on Sorare!

I see you coming: “Yes, but there are cheaper players“. There are! But not as good, not with as high a market value, not as young, and so on. The objective in this article was to try to build a Super Team to systematically go for the top of the rewards.

What are the gains?

For the example, I arbitrarily went back to Game Week #135 to have a relatively long period, 68 game weeks. With the Super Team thus built, and taking by simplification Joshua Kimmish captain systematically, we get only 2 times on 68 the bar of 400 points and more, often synonymous of reward of a T0 card, the best, (or failing T1). The data are available at the end of the article, and allow to realize that the problem with this approach is to have players playing simultaneously! Calendar differences, injuries, suspensions, European cups or not, there are many criteria to prevent your carefully selected players from playing all at the same time.

Verdict: It doesn’t work!

Forget about taking only the best in all available teams, this approach does not work because too many parameters can prevent all your stars from playing together simultaneously.

You can probably see me coming, we will soon repeat the exercise with the best of a single team, to see if this approach is more fruitful for a substantial investment in the game.

Next week, we will see how to earn money through buying / reselling on Sorare!

Appendix: Performance of the Super Team

Game WeekAllissonMarquinhosKimmichDepayLukakuScore
135 63,32   63,32
136 105,0059,8874,9748,41288,25
13744,63    44,63
13849,2590,62 44,2185,68269,75
139   42,74 42,74
141     0,00
14371,19 90,75  161,94
145 57,44   57,44
146 57,8681,0043,3798,91281,13
14751,24 75,0083,5873,50283,32
14843,3779,07  41,37163,80
14966,68 59,25  125,93
151 72,35   72,35
152  88,0044,84 132,84
153 71,40 105,00 176,40
15529,82105,0096,38 84,53315,72
15661,1169,30 105,0048,51283,92
15772,7748,83   121,59
15856,8166,68 94,6144,10262,19
159 89,46  47,78137,24
16047,5756,28 63,6349,67217,14
161  88,63  88,63
162  93,8898,4970,46262,82
163  69,88  69,88
16491,5684,4284,00  259,98
16527,09   82,01109,10
16783,48    83,48
169     0,00
170     0,00
171     0,00
17263,21 85,25  148,46
173  57,75  57,75
17465,31 115,5058,4983,16322,46
175 43,89 70,1441,06155,09
176 79,28 91,9870,25241,50
177 61,7464,13  125,87
17840,32 58,8852,7142,53194,43
179 46,62   46,62
180  71,50 68,46139,96
181     0,00
182  67,00  67,00
183     0,00
184     0,00
185     0,00
186     0,00
187     0,00
188     0,00
189     0,00
190     0,00
191     0,00
19272,6696,08 86,94 255,68
193     0,00
19496,2983,69 78,7580,54339,26
195     0,00
197 67,9447,5062,3779,17256,98
198 54,39 105,0086,00245,39
199 105,00 105,00 210,00
20070,3570,0489,75 81,17311,30

See you soon,

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