How to earn money with bundles ?

Let’s face it, most of us are not philanthropists. If we got involved in this adventure, it’s mostly with the hope of making money at the end, in addition to having fun with Sorare. So, in this article, I propose you a method to earn money on Sorare by using the bundles of cards.

Bundles in Sorare

In the Sorare market, it is possible to buy cards individually or in bundles of 3 or 5 cards. These grouped purchases of cards have a particularity: they only concern clubs that prefer a distribution mode only through this channel (except for rewards). So, if you want to get cards from these clubs, you will have to buy them in bundles or by buying cards from the secondary market (potentially more expensive).

How to make money with bundles?

Card bundles are interesting because you buy a set of cards. And buying a set of cards is scary most of the time:

  • What will I do with the non-interest bearing cards (NPD, retirees, etc.)?
  • Is it profitable to invest that much money at once?
  • Will I be able to resell the cards I don’t want to keep?

And this is potentially very interesting for us. Indeed, it excludes automatically a large part of the players, who will be too worried and/or financially limited.

Under these conditions, it becomes possible to buy packs of cards at attractive prices and resell each card individually to make a profit.

Risks related to the purchase of bundles

Buying bundles is not without risks. First of all, you will have to invest relatively high amounts to acquire these packs, since you will buy 3 or 5 cards at once. And if you don’t manage to resell some or all of your cards, your investment might not be profitable and you might end up with money tied up in worthless cards.

Then, be careful not to overpay for your bundle. In the euphoria, as with a card, you can get carried away. But in this case, your risk will be much higher than with a single card.

There is a risk of buying players that are difficult to resell. Therefore, get informed beforehand and anticipate the prices at which you will resell your cards in order to secure your purchase.

Choose cost-effective bundles

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: how to choose profitable bundles? For that, we will help ourselves of SorareData, and in particular of the page dedicated to the bundles.

Further reading : SorareData, King of Data for your Sorare experience

Overview of a card bundle (source: SorareData)

This allows us to quickly consult the average prices of each of the cards that make up the bundle, as well as the best offers currently on the market. So, you just have to take out your favorite calculator (to access it quickly from a Microsoft environment, press simultaneously the Windows + R keys, then type calc and press Enter) and add up all the average prices to know the theoretical average price of the bundle. This way you know the theoretical amount not to exceed on the purchase of a bundle.

If you manage to buy a bundle below that, you will get a good deal provided you sell all 5 players. Beyond that, it is better to negotiate each player individually with other managers.

Tips for maximizing your earnings with bundles

Focus on quick wins rather than maximizing profits

The difficulty lies in the point of balance: should you sell at low gain but quickly or try to maximize the profit even if it means keeping the cards longer? Sorare being still young, there are not yet millions of users on the bundles, and it is possible to make moves. So for the moment, I prefer to resell the cards quickly and make a small profit to move on to another bundle and avoid keeping the cards for too long, which would tie up cash.

Also, as a good practice, I resell all my pack cards at the average market price. The players are usually happy and so am I because my profit is made on the fact that I bought the pack at an average price lower than the sum of the average prices of the players.

Control your exposure

Another reason to aim for a quick resale is that the market can change quickly. Two consecutive under performances, and the player’s price can plummet. The reverse is also true. But buying bundles is for me a source of quick profits, so I don’t want to take a long term view on these cards, and therefore look to resell them as soon as possible to limit my exposure.

Do not calculate the price of the bundle on best offers

The biggest mistake not to make would be to calculate a theoretical price based on best available offers. Sellers overprice players and this is the best way to make a bad investment. Be careful when calculating the theoretical price of the package.

Anticipate resale difficulties

Before investing in a bundle, make sure you have enough information about the players in the bundles and anticipate your resale plan. As an example, after Euro 2020 I bought a pack with Goran Pandev who had just announced his retirement. As a result, I considered that I would put the player at 0.010 ETH / 0.015 ETH below the average price to guarantee a quick resale, which worked out.

So pay attention :

  • To players 33 years and older;
  • To DNP players;
  • For the mercato periods.


Card bundles are a great way to make a quick profit from buying and reselling cards, provided you are careful about the prices you pay for the bundles.

If you want to see how packs may generate profits, I invite you to read the following article: Sorare review : How much have I earned after 6 months on the game ?

It’s up to you!

In the next article, we’ll discover the Ecosystem around Sorare.

See you soon,

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