Earn money through buying and reselling on Sorare

Did you miss the first rush where you could build up an impressive collection at low prices and want to invest and earn money on Sorare? Put your soccer knowledge to good use and start buying and reselling (trading)! Let’s analyze together the different options available to you to earn money through buying and reselling on Sorare.


In a previous article, we saw that it was possible to invest 250 dollars in Sorare and win cards. Winning yes, but relatively modest gains, except for exceptional performances. In this article, we will see how to move up a gear and aim for bigger wins! However, bigger wins mean bigger risks too! So if you haven’t already done so, take the time to (re)read this article: What are the risks on Sorare? We will never remind you enough that if Sorare is a game, it is a game that is played with your money!

So5, not interesting?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking to earn money with Sorare first. And unless you have very large resources that allow you to target top teams, you will probably find it difficult to earn cards on a regular basis that will allow you to make a net profit on the resale of your card earnings.

– Yes, but on the official Discord, YouTube channels and blogs, there are plenty of people who made a lot of money with less than 3 000€ thanks to the So5 card earnings…

When did these people start Sorare? Yesterday, like you? Most of them probably started the adventure before February 2021, when the price of cards and the number of users exploded. Before that date it was possible to build a monumental team for a few hundred euros, and therefore possible to earn cards with the regular performance of a top 5 of Ajax or Bayern. It is important to remember that there is a double inflationary phenomenon on Sorare: the growth of Sorare on the one hand, but also the growth of ETH on the other hand. And both have exploded since February 2021.

Once again, unless you invest massively in several Top Teams, I wouldn’t base an investment strategy on card gains. One doesn’t preclude the other, but they don’t serve the same purpose and risk conflict when reselling a card.

Everyone dreams of having an exceptional gallery at a lower cost and of winning cards worth several hundred dollars every weekend, but one had to be a visionary (or unconscious, each one will make his own opinion) to believe in the project and to return BEFORE Sorare‘s blooming. There will undoubtedly be exceptions somewhere to contradict this statement, but again, the objective is to allow the 99% to have a viable strategy.

Which cards to target?

Here is the big problem: how, in a market governed by supply and demand, do you target the right cards to buy and when to resell them?

If reselling is a very personal decision, made according to your taste for risk and your feelings at a given moment, buying is more a matter of timing, where you are more likely to control certain parameters.

In essence, 7 key methods can be identified to properly target cards that are likely to resell well and generate a profit, recalled below:

  • The off-season is one of the best times to make deals, as some managers prefer to sell their players and buy others in other active leagues. Conversely, prices tend to rise as the next season approaches, providing a great window to quickly resell your cards acquired during the off-season.
  • Watch out for mercato at relegated clubs! Good players have a chance to be transferred to first division clubs, and it is possible to buy them at low prices from managers who are worried about keeping cards that are not usable in So5, and sell them for a high price a few days later.
  • Watch out for long-term injuries! It is possible to make great deals by buying a player early in his injury after the price of the player has collapsed. This technique requires patience, but it is possible to sell for double or even triple the purchase price of the card.
  • Monitor players in poor form and follow the advice u/loveanalytics, Sorare engineer who deciphers the phenomenon very well on Reddit, translated for you here : The Beautiful Data #1 : Form is Temporary
  • Invest in substitute goalkeepers! While they will tie up money in your portfolio, they offer the potential to make x5 to x10 on your initial investment. Compelling, but potentially very lucrative.
  • Look for unknown and accessible talented players. If you have a solid knowledge of unknown leagues, you can try to bet on young players. This method is getting more and more complicated as the tools to analyze players’ performances are becoming more and more sophisticated.
  • The last possibility is to look for cards with collection potential. However, this method is undoubtedly complex to implement as the site is recent and we do not know yet if the site will still exist in 5 or 10 years.

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How do I do it?

There are two main ways to get good deals:

  • Approach managers individually;
  • Buy bundles.

In essence, the first method allows you to offer a price slightly below the average market price to card owners who have obtained the card either for free or at very advantageous conditions in the past on the game. While this method is effective, it is relatively time consuming to implement.

The second method is to take advantage of the low number of buyers in the bundles market to buy bundles at attractive prices and resell each player individually to make nice profits.

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Now you know everything you need to know to earn money through buying and reselling! Now it’s your turn to play!

Next week, we’ll look into our next topic : how to earn 13 000 dollars on Sorare in 6 months ?

See you soon,

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