How to make good deals through buying / reselling on Sorare ?

After seeing which cards to target, we will see in this article how to make good deals through buying / reselling on Sorare ? Should we use auctions, the secondary market or canvass card owners? Let’s decipher the different options.

Auctions and secondary market are (often) too expensive!

As the entry point of the game to start and win your referral reward, the auction market is one of the worst places to do business. With the rise of SorareData, all managers now have access to average card prices. Underpaying for a card becomes relatively rare. On the contrary, it is more common to overpay for a card than the other way around. Not necessarily the best place to do business.

The secondary market is even worse. With everyone hoping to resell their card for more than the current average price, prices are skyrocketing! Don’t look for bargains, unless you stumble upon a juicy piece of information before anyone else, you probably won’t find very good deals either.

Approach managers individually

Why is this interesting?

Here is the most effective but time-consuming way to do business: direct solicitation of managers. You have spotted a player at the average price of 0.200 ETH that you absolutely want to do a deal? It is possible! Explanations.

Sorare is a game where the prices fluctuate constantly, due to the sports performances on the one hand, but also due to the evolution of the Ethereum price on the other. It also evolves due to the weekly winnings of cards. Under these conditions, a player can have :

  • Bought a card for 0.200 ETH at a time when it was only a handful of dollars.
  • Bought a card at a very low price, at a time when the player was not well known or when demand was very low.
  • Won a card as a reward.

While you may be very diligent about keeping track of your gallery, not all managers are, and not all managers are looking to maximize profits on the resale of each card or spend as much time as you do on the game.

Also, proposing offers directly to them may interest them (no effort to make on their side). So don’t hesitate to approach them!

How much to offer?

It’s hard to answer, as each manager is different and doesn’t necessarily perceive the game in the same way as you do. However, I share with you my method, which works relatively well.

If we take the previous example of a card running 0.200 ETH, I will start by offering 10 to 20% less than the average price. The best being the enemy of the good, I consider that this discount is a good compromise if I want to resell the card immediately after. If you have already read my article on packs, you already know that I am in favor of cashing out small profits quickly rather than keeping the cards for a long time. This allows me to limit the risk of a card losing value.

If you have time, start with the oldest season and the first to last card, and work your way up each card, rejection after rejection, until someone accepts your proposal. It’s time consuming, it takes a lot of money to multiply the offers in parallel, but it works! In this way, it is possible to make nice deals that were not visible on the market.

If you have less time, focus on players who have won these cards as rewards, for them it is a net gain! You can also target those who bought cards in packs or those who bought the cards at a time when the price of ether was very low, this is also an opportunity for them to make a nice financial splash. And when it’s a win-win, you have a better chance of getting the deal done.

If you can’t get any business after approaching all the managers, it’s probably because your initial offer was too low compared to the current market. Start again with a better offer and don’t give up hope!

Buy packs

Buying packs is another great way to get a good deal, as this market is much less accessible than buying 3 or 5 cards at once. By buying smart in this market, it is possible to make some nice financial swings by buying packs and reselling each player individually at their average price.

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You now know how to make good deals thanks to the purchase / resale on Sorare. Now it’s your turn to play!

Next week, I’ll share with you my Excel template to follow your investment on Sorare.

See you soon,

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