Invest 250 dollars in Sorare and win cards ? It is now possible !

A few months ago, this would have been impossible, especially considering the very high prices of goalkeepers in the game. However, the arrival of Limited cards has changed the game and it is now possible to invest 250 dollars in Sorare and win cards. We explain how this became possible and how to do it.

The Limited effect

As a result, the financial barrier to the constitution of a team has been drastically lowered, making the game accessible to a much wider audience than before.

Win cards with 250 dollars ?

As of the writing of this article, we are at game week #199. To illustrate my point, I propose to look at the last 3 game weeks together: #196, #197 and #198. For each of these game weeks, we will look at the last 3 positions that have won a card to get an idea of an average budget that could win us cards.

Average cost of the team#198#197#196
Last position0.278 ETH0,101 ETH0,024 ETH
Penultimate position0.059 ETH0,015 ETH0,058 ETH
Ante penultimate position0.010 ETH0.037 ETH0,066 ETH

Let’s convert these amounts in ETH into dollars, at the current rate of the ether ($3 471,40) at the time of writing this article.

Average cost of the team #198#197#196
Last position$965,05$350,61$83,31
Penultimate position $204,81$52,07$201,34
Ante penultimate position $34,71$128,44$229,11

7 out of 9 people won a card with a budget of less than 250 dollars!

As SorareData does not currently offer the functionality to see the average cost of a team having won an award, I do not have the ability to extend the exercise over all the competitions since the Limited cards exist (except to do it by hand, which is too time consuming).

Is it profitable?

It is difficult to answer, it will vary depending on the initial cost of your team and your rewards. In the previous example, the rewards were not very interesting and were valued at 0.001 ETH in most cases. However, I took the worst rewards. The one who put in 0.010 ETH will be happy with it, while the one who put in 0.278 ETH will aim for better performances in the future.

Please note that there are no guaranteed wins, you have to compete with a team of 5 players who have to perform to be eligible for rewards. Your knowledge of soccer, your choices and a bit of luck will answer your question. But what is certain is that it is now possible to play Sorare with a small budget and win cards!

Where is the scam?

There is no such thing. Sorare realized that its site was only accessible to a fraction of the population, and that this situation had to be remedied in order to make the game accessible to as many people as possible. The creation of this new rarity allows players to jump into the game, even though Limited cards can only be used in Divisions 5, which are restricted for Limited cards. There are currently no ETH rewards available in these divisions, nor are there any rare card rewards. But as their rarity reminds us, these much more accessible cards offer lower rewards than the rare and higher cards.

There is nothing to stop you from starting out with Limited cards, and moving up the day you can afford to invest more.

In the next article, we will review together how much have I earned after 6 months on Sorare.

See you soon,

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