How to make money with Sorare ?

Let’s face it, unless you cultivate a certain eccentricity, if you have decided to embark on the Sorare adventure, it is probably in the hope of making a profitable investment and making money. So, can you make money with Sorare? Could “playing” on Sorare allow you to become the new millionaires of crypto investments?

I will try to answer you as honestly as possible taking into account that I myself have invested several thousand euros on the site.

Conversion ETH <> USD : As the prices of crypto currencies fluctuate very strongly, it is difficult to display the prices in euros or dollars. Considering this, I decide to use the ether currency (abbreviated ETH), in order to compare comparable things between my articles. You can at any time use your favorite search engine or online converters to translate these values into a currency you are more familiar with.

Determine your goal

Considering its statistics, it doesn’t cost much, only 0.050 ETH“. It is so cheap that you have already dropped almost 200 dollars at the current ratio for a new card. Add to this 0.050 ETH the 0.050 ETH of the previous card, and the previous one, and the previous one, and suddenly you have 1.000 ETH invested without even having defined how you were going to invest your money to make a profitable investment.

How serious is spending 1.000 ETH? It all depends on how much money it is to you, whether it is all your savings or a drop in the bucket, whether it is sleeping money or money you might need very quickly, etc.

Depending on your personal and financial situation, this initial investment may have a very different importance for you than for other people, and your relationship to this economy will influence your choices for developing your portfolio. In the rest of this article, I will talk about investment profile.

In the rest of this article, I choose to focus my analysis on two investment profiles for an initial investment of a few thousand euros (I’m European, sorry 🙂 ) maximum (let’s say 3,000€ to give you a reference, even if as seen before, a fixed amount in euros is not very relevant because of the fluctuation of the ether price) which could interest the great majority of Sorare users, voluntarily leaving aside the case of investors with very high means, for whom these profiles are not adapted.

If some people wonder whether it is possible to invest in Sorare without spending any money, I refer you to the dedicated article: Is it possible to invest in Sorare without paying?

Fantasy Football Awards

Before detailing the selected profiles, it’s worth taking a quick step aside to understand how the Fantasy Football game works and what the rewards are.

In Sorare, you can participate in different competitions every week, depending on the soccer matches in the world: all players, youth only, by region, by championship, etc.

The competitions vary each week, but one of them is a recurring one: the Global All Star competition, split into four divisions, where each higher division requires higher card rarity requirements than the previous division.

Unlike all other competitions, which offer rewards based on a player’s rank, the fourth division (D4) offers additional rewards based on whether or not a player reaches one of two tiers:

  • Score above 250 points : gain of 0.020 ETH
  • Score above 205 points : gain of 0.010 ETH

Profile #1 : Objective 250 points!

The first profile has only one goal on Sorare: to reach the 250 points in Global All Star D4 that allow to win the associated 0.020 ETH. What is worth at the time of the initial writing of the article nearly 40 euros was worth painfully 2 euros 50 on 1 January 2019. That is to say a “modest” increase of 1 500%. A trifle, you might say.

Theoretical profit calculation

More seriously, if the evolution of the price of the crypto currency has obviously an influence on the profitability of the investment, let us put aside temporarily this data (not controllable by the user) and let us observe the investment in a simplified model where the price of the crypto currency is constant.

At the time of writing, 1 Ether was worth 1,989.67 euros. Considering an oversimplified case where you buy players in Europe in leagues of 20 teams (all Big 5 except Bundesliga), you can potentially win 0.020 ETH during 38 game weeks. You can therefore aim for a potential gain of 0.76 ETH per year (1,512€ per year as of writing).

Assuming that you have managed to build a relatively strong team to reach 250 points, and that you opt for a pessimistic approach where you will only manage to get the 0.020 ETH 70% of the time (i.e. 27 game weeks out of 38), the other times you will get the 0.010 ETH, you will then be aiming at a probable gain of 0.65 ETH per year (1,293€ per year as of the date of writing)

An exceptional profitability

To get an idea of what this annual gain represents, let’s look at the annualized returns over the years.

According to global investment bank Goldman Sachs, 10-year stock market returns have averaged 9.2% over the past 140 years. Between 2010 and 2020, however, the investing firm notes that the S&P 500 has done slightly better than the historic 10-year average, with an annual average return of 13.6% in the past 10 years.

Business Insider

We do not need to be very accurate, so we will consider an average market return comprised between 9 and 14% per year. In order to gain 1,293€ per year, I would have needed to invest between 9,250€ and 14,375€.

In the case of Sorare, assuming that I have to put the maximum 3,000€ that I set at the beginning of the article to get a workforce capable of reaching 0.02 ETH every week, we get a profitability of… 43%! Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

An realistic goal?

A question remains: can we reasonably reach 250 points every week with a budget of 1.507 ETH (3 000€ at the time of writing)? My current 5 major reaches, except for special events, 0.01 ETH and occasionally 0.02 ETH for a budget of 0.586 ETH (1,166€ at the current rate), of which 0.300 ETH was allocated exclusively to the acquisition of a goalkeeper. It seems quite reasonable to think that it is possible to improve the team sufficiently with the remaining 0.924 ETH (1,838€ at the current exchange rate) to ensure the regular (systematic?) achievement of the 250 points.

Be careful, this reasoning has been simplified to the extreme in order to have a very simple case to study, it does not take into account the potential injuries of your players, the need to buy a replacement, the evolution of the crypto currency, the possible taxes in case of selling your ethers, etc.

Profile overview

This profile seeks to minimize investments to the minimum to reach the 250 point mark (or 205 otherwise) and win the 0.020 ETH (or 0.01 ETH otherwise) reward, and thus obtain a constant annual gain of approximately 0.65 ETH (1300 euros as of writing). The potential gain is capped, but the investment is relatively moderate and the gain very likely to be achieved. A good way to make money with Sorare.

Benefits :

  • Relatively low to moderate initial investment
  • Few cards (therefore low risk of card price devaluation)
  • Constant and achievable gains of 0.02 ETH

Disadvantages :

  • Capped gain
  • Injury of a player means that he has to be replaced in order to continue winning the 0.02 ETH reward

Update 4/16/2021: Sorare announces a complete revision of its reward model, which impacts the historical rewards of 0.02 ETH and 0.01 ETH, soon to be replaced by $30 and $15. At current prices, this corresponds to a drop from 39.35€ to 25.04€ (a 36% drop). When applied to our previous values, the annual gain would be €827, or a return of 27% compared to the initial 43% in the above example. The impact is high but theoretically compensated by an increase in potential card gains depending on your ranking. An article will be dedicated to this new system when it is implemented in the second half of 2021.

Profile #2: Winning cards!

In addition to winning 0.02 ETH, the second profile aims to achieve an even more ambitious goal: to win cards in Fantasy Football competitions.

For the moment, the challenge is tough. To win a card, it was necessary to score an average of 362.32 points, 352.12 points and 327.16 points respectively over the last 3 weekends.

Expressed in scores, this represents an average score of 72.4/100, 70.4/100 and 65.4/100 for each of the five players.

If you don’t have a goalkeeper, don’t bother

The objective of 70 points per player is already hard, but if you don’t have a rare goalkeeper, it becomes difficult to reach. Indeed, if your goalkeeper obtains a score of 70/100, he will only give you 55% of the points because of the malus applied to the use of a common card. That is 38.5 points. In these conditions, and if we take the previous examples, each of the four other players should have obtained an average score of 81/100, 78.4/100 and 72.2/100.

The initial goal is already difficult to achieve, so don’t make your task more complicated than it already is. If your ambition is to win cards, you will have to accept to invest in a rare goalkeeper at some point.

Focus your strengths

If it is possible to hit the Jackpot on a weekend with some luck, it may be better to look for another strategy.

Rather than considering trading, focus your efforts on a small group of top performers, watching them like a hawk to anticipate a quick resale in case of injury to one of them. And who says top performance, says relatively high cost. By doing some research on SorareData, I was able to find at the time of writing a major 4 (apart from the goalkeeper) performing over game weeks where each player can be acquired for a cost of 0.2 ETH each.

Profile overview

It is possible to make money with Sorare with the new cards you get, but you will have to invest a larger amount in the game. Higher gains mean higher risks!

Benefits :

  • Few cards (therefore low risk of card price devaluation)
  • Constant and achievable gains of 0.02 ETH
  • Potential gain of rare cards

Disadvantages :

  • Big follow-up of players, to sell them quickly in case of injury, before it appears in Sorare and the cards are devalued;
  • Higher investment than Profile #1;

Update 4/16/2021: Sorare is announcing a complete overhaul of its rewards model, which will result in more rewards in play in the division we’re interested in (Global All Star D4), and an increase in our chances of acquiring a new card. An article will be dedicated to this new system when it is implemented in the second half of 2021.

In the next blog post, I’ll provide a personal opinion on Sorare and if it it worth to invest in 2021.

See you soon,

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