Sorare review : How much have I earned after 6 months on the game ?

After 6 months on Sorare, I propose to give you a new feedback of my adventure on the game, in a similar way to the ones made a few weeks after my arrival on the game and after 3 months. Where am I 3 months later ? Let’s go for the debrief !

In the last episode…

In my previous feedback, I explained my first decisions and my transition from the discovery of the game to a personal investment project on the long term, thanks to the purchase / resale. I had been very impacted by the long drop of prices following the exceptional hype on the game in March, leading to a difficulty to resell many cards.

At the end of my feedback, I had set 3 goals for the future:

  • Rationalize my card collection and get rid, when possible, of cards that were overpaid at the beginning. And then buy them back later, at more accessible prices
  • Double each position by acquiring players in alternating leagues to reduce game weeks without fielding a team.
  • Make a profit on talented players acquired in MLS.

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A quiet summer for sports

When you have decided to focus on European players for competitions, the months of June, July and August are very quiet in terms of sports, as most of the championships do not start again until the beginning of August, or even the end of August for Italy for example. It is difficult to perform in these conditions, especially in So5.

I had originally used the summer to build a competitive team to win cards in the fall, but my plans were somewhat thwarted by very successful resales of my elements, forcing me to revert to “mixing available players.

However, since Game Week #186, I maintain a relatively constant earnings on weekends, satisfying me for the moment. The lack of a non-European goalkeeper does not allow me to field a goalkeeper in the mid-week competitions.

Game WeekEarning
1860.01 ETH
1870.01 ETH
189 /
1900.02 ETH
191 /
1920.01 ETH
193 /
1940.02 ETH

0.07 ETH is not huge, others earn much more, but at the current rate, it’s still 250 dollars more without doing anything, and that, we don’t spit on.

Buying and reselling performs strongly

Card selling performance

In my previous article, I was relatively entangled with players that were difficult to resell, but the Euros and the transfer periods allowed me to free up a few players and make nice profits on some cards.

PlayerRoleScarcity Buying Selling  + / –ROI
Aleksandar DragovićDefenderRare0.0320.015-0.017– 53.13%
Andrea PetagnaForwardRare0.0700.0700
Choi Young-EunGoalkeeper Rare0.3000.3200.02011.94%
Jere UronenDefender Rare0.0280.0630.035125.00%
José GonzalezGoalkeeperRare0.0500.0500
Knowledge MusonaForward Rare 0.0600.030-0.030-29.26%
Lukáš HradeckyGoalkeeper Rare 0.3300.5750.24574.24%
MarceloDefender Rare 0.1240.055-0.069-40.57%
Tanner BeasonDefender Rare Reward0.0100.010
Tibor HalilovićMidfielder Rare 0.0730.0740.0014.53%
Vangelis PavlidisForward Rare 0.1700.2520.08248.24%
Vito van CrooijForward Rare 0.0890.1030.01420.04%
Vito van CrooijForward Rare 0.0350.1100.075214.29%
Sebastian WalukiewiczDefender Rare 0.0550.0960.04174.55%
Amounts in ether

The most observant will notice that some ROI are “false”, this is quite normal. It is also necessary to include in the calculation of the ROI what a card has brought in terms of gains in ether (and possibly in cards).

In substance, these sold cards will have allowed me to realize a nice profit of 0.407 ETH on the resale and will have contributed 0.055 ETH in my ether earnings.

Bundles selling performance

During this period, I also started to buy/resell card packs, very profitable from my point of view.

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So far, only 2 of the 7 packs purchased have been fully resold, generating nice performances.

BundleStatusBuyingSelling+ / –ROI
#3Sold 0.1580.2170.05937.34%
Bundles fully resold

As it is, even if I haven’t sold everything yet, I don’t have any particular fear about the other bundles which should be sold out progressively in the next weeks. Only one bundle could be more difficult to resell than the others, but I’m not in a hurry, so I’ll wait.

But your objectives…

… they have been shattered 🙂 I’ve resold some unsaleable cards, but with the purchase/resale of bundles, I currently have a larger portfolio of players than before, and not necessarily useful for playing in So5.

My ambitions to win cards in So5 have for the moment been put aside to take advantage of the buy / resell and earn ether in order to take advantage of the current strong rise in the Ethereum price to get my initial investment out in the coming months.

I’m going to stay in this posture until I get out of my initial investiment and will ask myself the question of becoming competitive in So5 later on.

Some numbers to conclude with

To conclude this feedback after 6 months, I propose you some figures to appreciate the evolution of my adventure on Sorare.

Initial investment

Investment (in euros)3 900 €
Investment (in ETH)~2,35 ETH

Updated situation

Assets (in ETH)2,549 ETH
Cash flow (in ETH)0,519 ETH
Total (assets + cash flow)3,069 ETH
Evolution (in ETH)+ 30%
Evolution (in euros) – Current ETH valuation : 2 643,21€+ 107%

The valuation is impressive due to buying at a relatively low cost and the very significant rise in the ether price in recent weeks, but this volatility will always be very important, so it is more relevant to look at the progression in ETH on the portfolio.

This concludes the feedback after 6 months on Sorare.

Next article will focus on Which cards to target for buying / reselling on Sorare ?

See you soon,

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