Guide to buy a good card on Sorare

You start your adventure on Sorare and you wonder which card to buy? Should you invest in European, American, Asian cards? Rare, super rare, unique cards? Should you invest in a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a forward? There are many legitimate questions that are not easy to answer when you start playing on Sorare. In this article, I propose to answer all your questions so that you can quickly buy a good card on Sorare.

Where to start?

Before you start buying cards, are you sure you’ve properly started your adventure? Have you taken advantage of the referral offer to earn a free rare card? Have you carefully selected your starting clubs? Make sure you don’t miss these key steps when you sign up, it becomes difficult to start over once you start buying cards. Indeed, transferring a card to another account at zero dollars may expose you to Sorare’s anti-cheating system.

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What are the criteria for buying a good card?

When you start Sorare, you probably have the ambition to make money by investing in collectibles, through buying/selling and/or earning rewards in fantasy football mode. And depending on how you invest, the definition of a good card is not the same.

A good fantasy football card

In fantasy football, your goal will be to find players with consistently high scores in order to maximize your chances of winning rewards each week and throughout the year. You’ll want to buy and hold on to high performing cards over time to create value through winning cards rather than reselling cards from your collection.

Buying a good goalkeeper

Goalkeeping is the role where the Decisive Score quickly takes precedence over the All Around Score in a player’s overall rating. The performance of a goalkeeper is affected by the number of goals conceded. Thus, it is better to buy a goalkeeper who makes clean sheets in his team rather than a goalkeeper who makes many saves but still concedes 1 or 2 goals per game.

Due to the scarcity of goalkeepers in the game, count at least 0.400 ETH to find a good Rare goalkeeper on Sorare.

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Buying a good defender

The defender is a role where the scores are strongly impacted by 3 key parameters: tackles, interceptions and duels won. If the defender is also able to score occasionally and/or make decisive passes, this will necessarily be a plus to obtain a high Decisive Score. Nevertheless, you should prefer to buy a defender with a regularly high All Around score (above 20)

Count between 0.05 ETH and 0.1 ETH to find a good Rare defender on Sorare.

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Buying a good midfielder

The midfield is a role whose grades can vary thanks to the whole set of parameters depending on whether we are talking about a defensive, axial or offensive midfielder. For defensive or offensive polarized midfielders, focus on buying strong midfielders who match with the key criteria of defenders and strikers. Aside from these criteria, keep in mind that passing is the reference criterion that can bring many points to a midfielder, since the failure or success of it conditions multiple parameters up and down. Whatever your choice, give preference (if you can) to players known for their passing skills.

Count between 0.05 ETH and 0.15 ETH to find a good Rare midfielder on Sorare.

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Buying a good forward

The forward is a relatively polarized role around the Decisive Score, as is the goalkeeper. Indeed, only penalty area entries, shots and big chances bring significant points to the strikers. With this in mind, assists and goals are the best method for a forward to get a high score. Therefore, you should buy a striker who shoots often and consistently in every game.

Count between 0.1 ETH and 0.2 ETH to find a good Rare forward on Sorare.

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A good buy/resell card

In buying/reselling, your objective will be to find cards that are likely to generate a capital gain in the short or medium term most of the time. You will therefore prefer to buy cards for the potential of rapid evolution of their price rather than for their performance in fantasy soccer. Buying/reselling often involves a high turnover of cards in your collection, complicating your ability to participate in fantasy football mode.

A good collectible

If you are a collector, your goal will be to find cards that will generate a long-term gain in value most of the time. The collection is highly disconnected from the players’ performance and focuses on anomalies and/or events that can generate a very high capital gain. Sorare is still very young, so the immediate collection potential is relatively small, but will certainly increase in value over the years.

Should you target limited, rare, super rare or unique cares?

As a reminder, there are 4 types of card rarity in the game since the introduction of the new Limited scarcity :

  • Limited: Starts at level 0 with a maximum of 20 = a level bonus from 0 to 10%. However, these cards are limited to the Division 5 only.
  • Rare: Starts at level 0 with a maximum of 20 = a level bonus from 0 to 10%
  • Super-rare: Starts at level 40 with a maximum of 60 = a level bonus from 20% to 30%
  • Unique: Starts at level 80 with a maximum of 100 = a level bonus from 40% to 50%

Acquiring super-rare and/or unique cards is obviously very interesting for increasing the points scored in the fantasy football mode. However, the cost is also very high, and you could buy several rare cards for the price of one super-rare card. If you are playing on a limited budget, you should give priority to doubling up on positions to compensate for potential injuries.

If you want to start with a small budget, consider starting with Limited cards, where you can now invest 250 dollars in Sorare and start winning cards.

In which league(s) should I buy cards?

At the beginning of your adventure you will buy good players wherever you find them, without asking yourself in which league they play. However, this data is important in order to build a team of five players playing at the same time. And if you want to be able to compete all year round, you will have to find two 5-player teams, so that when your first five players finish their season, you will have a team to take over.

Briefly, in Sorare there is a duality between the European leagues and 4 leagues in particular: the J1 League, the K League 1, the MLS championship and the Brazilian championship. You should therefore choose to create a second team with 5 players from opposite leagues to the leagues of your first 5 players.

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Now you know all the tricks to buy a good card on Sorare. Now it’s your turn to play! Not yet registered? Click on the image below to join the adventure!


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