Guide to buy a good defender on Sorare

Following on from the article Buying a goalkeeper on Sorare, in this article we will discuss the best tips for buying a good defender on Sorare. We will also see that the criteria for an field player are not necessarily the same as for a goalkeeper.

How much does a defender cost?

The first question is always the same: how much does it cost? It is difficult to answer this question precisely, because the price of the cards varies according to the player’s performance on one hand, but also according to the player’s attractiveness. And probably a bit of both in most cases.

However, it is reasonable to say that you can buy a good defender for a price between 0.05 ETH and 0.1 ETH. As the price of the ether fluctuates greatly from day to day, I refer you to your favorite online converters to find out the amount in euros or dollars.

What are the criteria of a good defender?

Let’s take the example of a defender with a score of 100 to illustrate the key criteria of a good defender.

Detail of a defender with a score of 100

The influence of the Decisive Score

Decisive Score calculation

By default, a starter begins with a decisive score of 35. This first score will evolve up or down depending on different events:

  • A goal, an assist, a foul that lead to a penalty kick, a save on the line or a tackle as the last defender will increase the Decisive Score to 60. Any additional events will add 10 more points.
  • On the contrary, any negative event (a mistake leading to a goal, an own goal, a red card, etc.) will make you lose points (10 or 20 points depending on whether you have positive events or not).

While most of these events are relatively rare, goals and assists are more frequent events that merit analysis.

Find scoring and/or passing defenders

There are multiple sources to find statistics about soccer players. Personally, I like Transfermarkt. The site provides a “Top scorers” page that allows you to filter by position players and find out which defenders score the most and/or make the most assists.

Source :

The All-Around Score, a measure of the consistency of a good defender

While there are many values that make up All-Around Score, it is mainly impacted by 3 criteria: tackles, interceptions and duels won. In addition to the points won with these three parameters, additional points can be earned if certain conditions are met:

  • Double-Double: the player must meet two of the following conditions: make 2 interceptions, make 2 tackles and win 2 duels.
  • Triple-Double: the player must make at least 2 interceptions, 2 tackles AND win 2 duels.
  • Triple-Triple: the player must make at least 3 interceptions, 3 tackles AND win 3 duels.

Finding a defender with a consistently high All-Around Score is the mark of a good defender.

You now have all the keys to search SorareData and buy the right defender for your team.

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