Guide to buy a good forward on Sorare

After the articles dedicated to the tips to buy a goalkeeper, a defender and a midfielder, today’s article will focus on the essential criteria to buy a forward on Sorare.

What is the cost of a forward ?

Good strikers are a relatively popular commodity in Sorare. As we will see later, their results depend on their ability to be decisive. Thus, there are immediately a lot less good strikers available.

As a result, the price of a good forward is slightly higher. It is possible to buy a good forward for between 0.1 ETH and 0.2 ETH. As the price of the ether fluctuates greatly from day to day, I refer you to your favorite online converters to find out the amount in euros or dollars.

It is possible to find good forward at less than 0.1 ETH, but if they perform and become consistent, their price will quickly rise above 0.1 ETH.

What are the criteria of a good forward ?

Let’s take the example of a forward with a score of 100 to illustrate the key criteria of a good forward.

Détail d’un attaquant ayant eu un score de 100

Reminder regarding the Decisive Score

To understand the importance of the Decisive Score in a player’s final score, I refer you to the article Buying a defender on Sorare which details how this score works.

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Very briefly, I explain that the Decisive Score can be impacted by different events but that only two of them can allow to better target its research: the scorers and/or the passers.

A very offensive All Around Score!

Forwards rely very heavily on assists and goals. To try and illustrate this, I looked for a forward with a high All Around Score. Tough task! This is due to the fact that strikers have few offensive criteria influencing their All Around Score. Indeed, only penalty area entries, shots and big chances earn points to forwards.

By far the best weapon for forwards remains assists and goals to get a score of 60 or more. So avoid buying a forward who is unable to get shots in a game.

You now have all the keys to search SorareData and buy the right forward for your team.

To go further…

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See you soon to talk about the new Limited rarity that appeared at the end of last week,

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