Guide to buy a good goalkeeper on Sorare

It’s time to address a difficult problem: buying a goalkeeper on Sorare. In this article we’ll discuss how to optimize your chances of finding a good and cheap goalkeeper in Limited and/or Rare. This will allow you to improve your results and increase your chances of winning a card in the various So5 competitions.

Sorare evolving very fast, and with the arrival of Limited cards, this article has been updated in September 2021 to take into account the market evolution in the figures given as an indication.

A cheap goalkeeper?

Define “cheap”

When talking about a goalkeeper, it is important to specify what is meant by “cheap goalkeeper“. Indeed, there is no cheap goalkeeper in Sorare, financially speaking. This notion must necessarily be understood by comparison with the price of other goalkeepers.

Thus, don’t expect to find a cheap goalkeeper. You will probably have to pay several hundred dollars to buy a starter goalkeeper on Sorare, no matter what.

Several hundred dollars?

Yes! In a soccer team there is only one goalkeeper for every 10 field players. Add to that the fact that a goalkeeper is often a starter for the whole season (except for injuries), and that they rarely get injured. With such a reduced offer, and a very high demand, the prices of the goalkeepers’ cards have skyrocketed! Count on at least 0.100 ETH to find a Limited goalkeeper and between 0.400 ETH and 1.000 ETH or more for a Rare goalkeeper.

No way to get a cheap goalkeeper?

The first method is to buy substitute goalkeepers, hoping that the starter gets injured or loses his place as a starter one day or another. The problem is that you won’t be the only one to do this, and if prices are lower than for starters, they are still very high for players who are not playing.

You can invest in young goalkeepers, but the promising ones are often taken very quickly, and the others are long-term bets, often without any guarantee. And you are not even sure that they will not leave for a club where their points will not be taken into account in Sorare.

It is possible to find inexpensive goalkeepers, but it will not be to play right away, and most of the time, the risks will be very high, for a return on investment not guaranteed. Feel free to try, but accept that your bets may fail or that it will take several years before you see them play.

The criteria of a good goalkeeper

The importance of Clean Sheets

As a reminder, in Sorare, the score of a player is made of two scores: the Decisive score and the All around score. The Decisive score of the goalkeeper follows a relatively simple logic.

By default, a goalkeeper will have a Decisive score of 35 points. This score evolves according to the number of goals taken by the goalkeeper:

  • In case he doesn’t take any goals during the game, his Decisive score will increase to 60 points.
  • If he takes 1 or 2 goals during the game, his Decisive score remains at 35 points.
  • Finally, if he takes 3 or more goals during the game, his Decisive score goes down to 15 points.

Other factors can also change the Decisive score exceptionally, but there you have the basics. Thus, having a goalkeeper from a team that concedes very few goals is already an excellent thing, since he will have at least a score of 60 points, which is already a very good score!

As of the update of this article in September 2021, SorareData returns, on the above 50 over the last 5 games criteria, 11 keepers aged 33 and under whose prices vary for a rare card from 0.194 ETH to 0.960 ETH. The average of this series being at 0.433 ETH, we can consider that everything below is consequently cheap.

On the Limited cards side, prices for a goalkeeper vary between 0.050 ETH and 0.277 ETH, with an average around 0.180 ETH. We can consider that everything below this price is therefore cheap. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that since the Limited market started in August 2021, it is not yet stabilized and prices can therefore fluctuate significantly up or down in the coming weeks. Are there any bargains to be had? The future will tell us.

The qualities of the goalkeeper

If you can’t find a good goalkeeper at an acceptable price, and you are willing to invest in a goalkeeper with less good performances, consider the qualities of your goalkeeper. His scores may be tied to his team’s results, and he may have a better future with another team if he is truly talented.

In this case, it is the All around score that is important to look at. The parameters are numerous and to list them would probably not be very interesting. The All around score can vary a lot, but it generally varies between 0 and 20 points, even if it can go under and over.

Feel free to use SorareData’s search functions to find guards that meet your search criteria.

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