Guide to buy a good midfielder on Sorare

After the articles dedicated to the tips to buy a goalkeeper or a defender, today we will look at the essential criteria to buy a midfielder on Sorare.

What is the cost of a midfielder?

Just like the defenders, there are plenty good and bad players in the midfield, and prices may vary significantly.

However, it is reasonable to say that you can buy a good midfielder for between 0.05 ETH and 0.15 ETH. As the price of the ether fluctuates greatly from day to day, I refer you to your favorite online converters to find out the amount in euros or dollars.

Detail of a midfielder with a score of 100

What are the criteria of a good midfielder?

Let’s take the example of a midfielder with a score of 100 to illustrate the key criteria of a good midfielder.

Reminder regarding the Decisive Score

To understand the importance of the Decisive Score in a player’s final score, I refer you to the article Buying a defender on Sorare which details how this score works.

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Very briefly, I explain that the Decisive Score can be impacted by different events but that only two of them can allow to better target its research: the scorers and/or the passers.

The most heterogeneous All-Around Score

The role of midfielder is interesting in Sorare because it can be influenced by all parameters, depending on whether we are talking about a defensive midfielder or axial midfielder or an offensive midfielder.

I will limit my analysis in this article to possession and passing criteria. The criteria of defense and attack are treated in the articles dedicated to defenders and attackers.

Marco Verrati is the perfect midfielder: very good at winning possessions and amazing at passing. The pass is the reference criterion likely to earn many points to a midfielder, since the failure or success of it conditions multiple parameters up and down. Specialists of the last pass are obviously to be favored to optimize the gains of points related to the consecutive attempted shots or to the big chances created.

It is also difficult to say whether one should prefer defensive, box-to-box or offensive midfielders, as there are so many exceptions. Marco Verratti is an interesting example because, although one could naturally be encouraged to go for attacking or box-to-box midfielders, Marco Verratti is the perfect defensive midfielder, often compared to a regista.

Whatever your choice, choose (if you can) players who are known for their passing skills.

You now have all the keys to search SorareData and buy the right midfielder for your team in Sorare.

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In the next article, we will review the best advices to buy a good forward on Sorare

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