Ecosystem around Sorare

Sorare is still a relatively young company, but already several initiatives have been launched around the game: YouTube channels, Discord communities, blogs or even several related services using Sorare cards. Here is an overview of the main services that form the ecosystem around the game.

Third party services using Sorare cards


It’s hard to miss SorareData if you’re embarking on the Sorare adventure. The site is the essential reference for data correlation.

In addition to data mining, SorareData also offers competitions in which you can use your Sorare card collection and win new cards for Sorare: SorareData Cups.

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Sorare Mega

Sorare Mega is a service created by players with the goal of offering you additional competitions in which to use your Sorare cards. It is possible to win cards if you are the best in one of the available categories.

The interest of Sorare Mega today is to propose confrontations in 3vs3 (useful for those who have few cards), 5vs5, 8vs8 and now 11vs11.

Go to Sorare Mega

Sorare Brag

Sorare Brag is a service created by players whose objective is to allow 4 or 6 managers to get together and compete each week in a private league.

Gather your friends and get into a merciless confrontation so you can brag to your buddies.

Go to Sorare Brag

Official Discord


Sorare has its own Discord server, where players from all countries can chat and exchange. The server sometimes looks like a weeping room, but you will find all the help you need if you are a beginner and have questions to ask.

Access the Sorare Discord server

This concludes this article. In the next one, we will see that you can now invest 250 dollars in Sorare and win cards.

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