Sorare Review 2021 : Is this the right time to invest ?

Newcomer on Sorare, I propose to share with you my personal opinion about Sorare. The article will focus on the key points for a newcomer and will conclude with a progress report after two months on the site.

Having arrived in March 2021, I, like most of the players who are now embarking on the adventure, did not have the opportunity to build a big gallery when the prices were very low and attractive. I don’t think I’m a very big investor either, the kind that can sometimes be called “whales”. Please don’t take this remark in a pejorative way, I say this to illustrate that I don’t have necessarily extensible means and that as such, as for a majority of new players who land on Sorare, I have to try to optimize my choices of players and avoid mistakes, which may quickly be very expensive.

Sharing my opinion about Sorare with you, I don’t pretend to think that I do particularly better than others. On the contrary, I am sharing this opinion so you may avoid making the same beginner’s mistakes that I made when I discovered Sorare on my own, without any help.

Know and accept the risks before you start

You experience on Sorare doesn’t have to be a mistake, and if some people have experienced great financial ups, it’s because it’s possible. So why not you? We agree on that, but are you aware of the risks that can weigh on the money you are going to invest in Sorare?

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from playing on Sorare, having personally been thrilled by the adventure (to the point of blogging, that says it all). However, I am quite opposed to the idea of promoting the site and its potential benefits without also highlighting the risks that can weigh on each user.

Sorare is a gambling game in the true sense of the word and as such, it is likely to generate a possible addiction and/or dependency. Not all Sorare players will become addicts, but if you tend to get carried away with gambling, take some time to think about it before jumping in.

If some readers are wondering if they have a gambling problem, I recommend that you visit national services available to learn more about the risks of gambling, how to find out if you have a problem, and what to do if you have a problem.

Well, now that I’ve set the mood, I have to tell you something else. There are other risks that you may encounter during your experience on Sorare: financial risk, risk related to the growth of the company, risk related to the Ethereum blockchain, etc.

I dedicate a detailed article on these risks, so do not hesitate to consult it by clicking on the link below.

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Don’t miss your registration

You just arrived on Sorare, have not yet had the time to complete the welcome tutorial and you may have already made two important mistakes that could justify recreating an account: you may not have registered yourself using a sponsorship link and you may have chosen 3 clubs that you like, including FC Cincinnati.

Let me reassure FC Cincinnati fans, the problem is not that you support FC Cincinnati, but that the performance of the club’s players will not make your experience in Sorare any easier. Dive into my article on the 3 tips for getting started on Sorare to better understand why spurning your favorite club might be a good idea.

As a result of your mistakes, you’ll miss out on a free rare card and will put yourself in trouble for entering in good conditions the Global All Star Division 4 competition if you haven’t also purchased a rare card from a goalkeeper.

Don’t go any further, stop everything and follow the guide to do it right.

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Define a strategy and stick to it

You will already know it if you have already read other pages of my blog, but I see Sorare as a financial investment before being a game. And like any financial investment, Sorare is not free of risks, which you should know and master from the start.

In addition to the risks, it is advisable to establish an investment strategy before going on a buying spree and being tempted by “cheap” cards that have no place in your strategy:

  • Reach 250 points in Global All Star D4?
  • Ambition to win new rare cards?
  • Invest in young players with potential and trade?

There are many strategies, but unless you are a large investor, you probably won’t be able to afford all of them, unless you have significant resources. Choose the goal that fits your situation and use this guideline as a permanent safeguard to avoid bad investments that would not serve your strategy.

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Get informed, get informed, get informed …

The best advice I could give you in this review is probably to inform yourself a lot before buying (or reselling) a player and to take your time. It may not sound like much, but Sorare is not like video games like Hearthstone or Fornite. First of all, it’s your money that is at stake in this case and the career of a soccer player is relatively long, which leaves time for your card to evolve.

So, accept to not resell at the price you bought that average player, or hold on to that extraordinary player who recently got his ass kicked. Both the average and the extraordinary player can come back, maybe in six months, a year or two years, but they can come back and allow you to cash in a profit, rather than selling them at a loss two years before.

Sorare is a long-term game. Even if the temptation is great, patience is one of the best virtues to make your initial investment bear fruit.

Then, again, get informed! Having the right information at the right time is the key factor of success to buy and/or resell a card at the best time, and thus to cash in a profit. It is therefore essential to monitor the evolution of your players over time to make the best possible decisions. Remember that in the world of finance, there are asset managers for that. In Sorare, there is you.

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Opinion after 2 months

So, what is my opinion about Sorare after these first weeks of experience? Find below the positive and negative points we have found so far.

Positives points:

  • I found a major 5 that allows me to regularly reach the tier rewards (0.002 ETH or 0.001 ETH) ;
  • I managed to stay within my initial budget (2500 euros);

Negative points:

  • The soaring of the Sorare market after the fund raising, combined with the extraordinary rise of the Ether price, made the prices (in ETH) of my cards fall sharply. However, the surge of the ether price allows me for the moment, even by selling at a loss (in ETH), to recover my initial investment and to cash in some profits. My entry timing was not ideal.
  • Some acquisitions have completely collapsed in terms of sports performance, also degrading their price. I’m going to make some drastic decisions and sell some of my players as soon as possible to focus my investments on a high performing 5 major, and try to scratch out a new rare card every now and then.

Next opinion about Sorare in 6 months, to assess the profitability of my initial investments !

The next blog post will be dedicated to the wonderful SorareData, King of Data for your Sorare experience.

See you soon,

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