How to follow its investment on Sorare with Excel ?

You are not very comfortable with Excel and want to track your investment on Sorare easily and efficiently? I propose you my personal file to start. It’s up to you to do what you want with it afterwards.

Overview of the performance tracking tab

Download the file

The Excel file can be downloaded by clicking on the button below:

In order to check the integrity of the file, do not hesitate to use an online verification tool to check that the SHA256 hash matches the fingerprint below: 932129f7d6bde693bf8f5105ed65f084915e83b277e59d3b13970fa28489ffd6

Note that the “Stock Market Data” feature, used to retrieve the ether price, is only available in Office 2016 and later. If you are using an earlier version, you will see a #VALUE error appear.

Follow your investment

The file consists of 3 tabs:

  • The Investment tab: Enter the amounts invested in the game in dollars and in ethers in order to take full advantage of the performance calculations.
  • The Performance tab: Enter your players and follow the performance of your purchases / resales
  • The Tournaments tab: Enter your tournament winnings in order to integrate your players’ performance in the global performance tracking (winnings in ethers only for the moment)

The file is relatively trivial to use, get it and do what you want with it.

Main features

  • List expenses in dollars and ethers
  • List the cards in your collection
  • Track card performance
  • Track the performance of purchases / resales
  • Track pack performance
  • Track the performance of your portfolio
  • Track Ether winnings from tournaments

You now have an Excel file of to track your investment on Sorare, make good use of it 🙂

Next week, we will focus on a question often asked when starting your journey on Sorare : Can you win cards on Sorare with ONLY THE BEST players ?

See you soon,


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