Get a free card on Sorare !

Sorare offers a very interesting referral system for new players. If you win 5 auctions, Sorare offers you a free Limited card. You can then in turn refer other friends and acquaintances and benefit from the same offer.

Condition of acquisition: the free card obtained thanks to the referral system is obtained only if you win five auctions. Buying at the card market does not count in the count.

Thus, don’t sign up without using a referral link, it would be a shame to miss out on a free card, especially if it can be valued at several hundred dollars (or more?).

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to add a free card to your Sorare collection and use a referral/affiliate link to register! Don’t miss it when you register, it will be too late afterwards, unless you recreate an account!

IfIf you want to register on Sorare and don’t have a link yet, you can use my affiliate link by clicking on the image below :


Once registered, you can check that it worked by going to the bottom of the page in your Preferences page.

Your sponsor is visible from your Preferences page

Are you registered? Ready to start your great Sorare adventure? If you haven’t done it yet, I may give you 3 tips to get started in Sorare.

IIf you still have doubts, I’ll see you in the next blog post which will be dedicated to the following question: Is Sorare a scam? (hint: no)

See you soon,

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