Investing in Sorare: how much does it cost ?

You want to invest in Sorare and wonder how much money you need to get started? Small or big budget, I offer you an à la carte service to evaluate your options and decide on the adventure that fits your budget.

Play Sorare for free

I’d rather be honest with you, it is not possible to play Sorare for free, at least as of the writing of this article. However, Sorare does allow you to experience the game for free through the Rookie League, a competition that you can enter with your starter common cards. You’ll be able to field a team each week with your common cards, but don’t expect to do anything great.

While it is not possible to play for free, Sorare created in 2021 Limited cards, a new scarcity allowing players to enter Sorare on a smaller budget.

Invest 250 dollars in Limited cards

The creation of a new scarcity produced in 1000 copies allows to lower the average cost of a card on Sorare. This has lowered the financial barrier to entry into the Sorare adventure, making the game accessible to a much wider audience than before. If you have a modest budget and want to join the Sorare adventure, the Limited cards are a good way to get started.

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You don’t want to play Limited cards, which you find too limited, and you want to play Rare cards? Take the time to read my article Can you play without money at Sorare? where I project myself in this direction and tell you the challenges and pitfalls that await you if you want to go down this path.

Investing a few thousand euros in trading

The second option is to invest several thousands of euros in trading on Sorare. Take advantage of a higher budget to make moves on rare cards that will bring you a lot of money: take advantage of off-season slumps, relegations, injuries, misfits and other strategies to make your portfolio grow by buying players at low prices and reselling them with high capital gains.

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This strategy is obviously more risky and requires you to take your time, but it can be very profitable in the long run.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on Sorare, don’t go down this road, and consider investing heavily to buy the top players and reap the juicy rewards every weekend.

Invest massively and make a lot of money on Sorare

The last option is to go all in and invest massively at the beginning to get the best teams possible and quickly recoup your investment thanks to the ETH rewards and the cards won. If there are different ways to do it, I propose you a method which seems preferable through a concrete and illustrated example with Ajax Amsterdam to see how to do it as well as clear figures on the rewards obtained over a period of 10 game weeks, to give you a clear projection on your investment.

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This strategy, which is definitely risky because of the high initial investment, can however pay off very well if you have the means to go this route.

You now know how much to invest in Sorare, according to your objectives and your capacities, it is now up to you to play!

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