FAQ : The most frequently asked questions about Sorare

Like any new player, you will probably ask yourself countless questions as soon as you start your adventure on Sorare. This week’s article aims at listing, sharing and answering the most frequently asked questions on social networks, in private messages or on the Sorare Discord.


Don’t forget that several resources are already available to answer your various questions:

  • The official Help center ;
  • The official Discord of Sorare.

Frequently asked questions

Registration and referral program

I signed up without a referral link, can I enter one later?
No. If you want to take advantage of the referral offer, it is necessary to recreate your account using a referral link or an affiliate link.

What is the purpose of a referral link and/or an affiliate link?
By using a referral or affiliate link (no difference to you), it allows you to win a random free card as soon as you win 5 auctions on the new card market. When the game was created, the program allowed you to win a rare card. Now, with the introduction of Limited cards and the opening of the game to a wider audience, you will get a Limited card.

Does it change anything to use a referral link instead of an affiliate link?
It makes no difference whatsoever to the referred person, he/she will win a Limited card as soon as he/she wins his/her 5th auction.

On the referral side, the referral will earn a Limited card as part of a referral link, or 10% of the amounts invested by the referral in the new card market for 1 year if an affiliate link was used.

For more information :
> the referral program (needs to be authenticated on Sorare)
> the affiliation program

I don’t have a referral or affiliate link, where can I find one?
If you like the work of a media or an individual, feel free to use their affiliate link to sign up, it’s a good way to support and endorse their investment in the Sorare ecosystem.

If you like Sorare-Blog and want to support me, feel free to use my affiliate link by clicking on the image below:


I bought 5 cards, why haven’t I received my referral card?
You need to win 5 auctions to get a referral card. In fact, the purchase of cards on the secondary market does not count towards the program.

I won 5 auctions, why haven’t I received my referral card?
Once you have met the requirements, you need to be patient. The card may take some time to arrive in your gallery. From a few hours to 1 or 2 days. But don’t worry, you will get your card.

Are referral rewards random? Can I win a Mbappe or a Haaland?
To date, Sorare has never formally communicated about the conditions of attribution of the referral rewards. However, the feedback we have received suggests that there is a tiering system similar to that of the rewards obtained in the So5 mode. To put it simply, if you spend $5,000 in your first 5 cards or $50, you and your referral will probably not get the same quality of card in either case. There is no official information about this, and it should not be seen as a recommendation to go all-in on your first 5 cards. However, if you are determined to invest heavily in Sorare, it may be worthwhile to think about this at the start to optimize your chances of getting a good referral card.
Personal note from the author: If you have ever seen exceptional referral rewards like an Alisson for example, you should take into account that the game is evolving very fast and that what was possible in the early days of the game may not be relevant anymore. Watch out for good stories.

Which clubs should I choose when I register?
Since goalkeepers are very rare in the game, their price is much higher than other cards. So if you can’t or don’t want to buy a goalkeeper to compete in the All Star Division 4 (ASD4) competition, look for clubs with very good starting goalkeepers to maximize your chances of getting one or two when you register. By doing so, you will be able to use one of your common goalkeepers in ASD4.

I am not happy with my starting players, can I start over?
You can start over, but you will need to choose a different email address and phone number. However, it is not recommended to do so if you have already purchased cards. Transferring cards to a new account can put you back into Sorare’s anti-cheating system and potentially subject you to a permanent ban from So5 competitions.

Getting started on Sorare

What is the minimum investment needed for Sorare?
It’s very difficult to answer for you, as it depends on your goals, your investment timeline and how much money you are going to invest in the game. What is certain is that you will need a few hundred dollars to build a decent team in Limited to compete in Division 5 of So5 competitions. After that, if you invest time and energy in Sorare, it is possible to find promising players, but it will depend mainly on your scouting skills!

To help you think about it, I suggest an article dedicated to this thorny question: Investing in Sorare: how much does it cost?

Are all the cards of a season minted?
Not necessarily. Sorare can decide to sell all or part of the 1111 available cards (1000 limited, 100 rare, 10 super rare and 1 unique).

How do I fund my Sorare account?
There are 3 ways to fund your Sorare account:

  • Transfer ether (ETH) via an available platform: metamask, coinbase wallet, etc. Various operating modes can easily be found on Google on the subject.
  • Transfer Ether (ETH) via Ramp, a platform integrated with Sorare that allows you to convert a credit card payment into ETH on your account.
  • Buy cards directly with your credit card. You will get the cards, which you can then resell in ETH to other players.

When are the cards for a new season released?
There is no calendar for the release of the cards. We don’t know any more than you do, Sorare doesn’t communicate on the subject.

Which clubs and competitions are covered by Sorare?
Sorare maintains a list of officially licensed clubs and a list of competitions covered by Sorare. If you do not see a club or competition in these lists, it means that the club or competition is not yet covered by Sorare.

When I try to sell a card, I get a “BankApproval – bank not approved” error, what happens?
This error usually appears at the beginning of your adventure, during your first sale. Wait a few hours and put your card back on sale, it will work. If it doesn’t, contact Sorare support.

Should we think with euro prices or ETH prices?
The community disagrees on this matter, and arguments from both sides can be heard. We could argue for hours about one method or the other, but I think you should choose the one that suits you best, depending on your investment strategy.

So5 competitions

What is the purpose of the experience on the cards?
Cards gain experience by participating in So5 competitions and can go up to level 20. Each level adds 0.5% points to a player’s score. A card that reaches level 20 will get 10% bonus points. A 100 will give 110 points by default. Don’t neglect the experience which can be useful to gain some places.

What is the point of sending your players to training if there is nothing to gain?
Training allows you to gain experience for your cards, and therefore by extension levels for your cards. Each level acquired allows you to obtain 0.5% of additional points. This may not seem like much to you, but it’s what makes the difference in winning the one or two places you need to climb on a podium or reach a reward. So send your players to training, even if it’s a pain in the ass to do every week.

My players are not playing this week, is it worth sending them to training anyway?
, as paradoxical as it may seem, your players will gain 75 experience points even if they don’t play. If you have room for a few players who are not participating in the current day, send them to training anyway.

It’s noon and the day is over, is it normal for my rewards to still not have arrived?
. Rewards arrive several hours after the end of the day, most often in the afternoon or early evening when some corrections are still pending with Opta, their supplier. Be patient, they will arrive!

My card shows my player as a defender, even though he plays in midfield. Does this have an impact?
, the role written on the card will be the one considered for scoring. Also, depending on whether the player is a defender, a midfielder or a forward, the scoring criteria are not the same.

I want to sell a card, but the game week has started. Will I lose my player’s score if my card is sold?
. If you sell your card after the game week has started, its score will still be counted in your game week’s result. So you can freely sell your card as soon as the game week started

My player has a small red or blue cross when I look at his card, what does this mean?
A red cross indicates that your player’s scores will not be counted in So5 competitions. Most of the time, this is due to the fact that the team and/or the championship of the player in question is not covered by Sorare at the moment. Be careful with the message informing you that this championship will arrive soon on Sorare, this is not a guarantee that Sorare will cover the competition one day.
A blue cross indicates that your player’s scores will only be counted in certain specific competitions. This happens most often with clubs that are not covered by Sorare in their league but are integrated in UEFA competitions (Champions League, Europa League, Conference League).

What are the requirements for a player to participate in the U23 division?
The U23 list is updated annually on July 1st of each year. Therefore, if the player is still 23 years old at this date, he will be able to play an additional year in the U23 division.

My players’ scores changed overnight. How does this happen?
Sorare relies on Opta’s rating service, which can change players’ scores hours after a match has ended. Don’t get too excited and wait until the last minute before getting excited about your potential rewards.

Hopefully, this will answers most frequently asked questions from new players,

See you soon,

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