3 tips to get started on Sorare !

While it’s tempting to go exploring Sorare quickly, it’s easy to miss several essential tips for your early adventure. Some of these tips are part of the registration process on the site. Take a few minutes to get started on Sorare and avoid being forced to recreate an account at the beginning of your Sorare experience.

Win a free card upon registration

Sorare offers a referral system that allows you to win a free random rare card if you win 5 auctions. A nice way to get started on Sorare. If you are lucky, you might even find a card worth several hundred dollars. So don’t start your adventure without taking advantage of this offer!

If you want to subscribe and don’t have a link, you can use my affiliate link by clicking on the image below:


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Choosing the right clubs to start on Sorare

Sorare will ask you to select your 3 favorite clubs upon registration. Even if you feel like putting your favorite clubs, don’t make this mistake! Explanations.

Conversion ETH <> USD : As the prices of crypto currencies fluctuate very strongly, it is difficult to display the prices in euros or dollars. Considering this, I decide to use the ether currency (abbreviated ETH), in order to compare comparable things between my articles. You can at any time use your favorite search engine or online converters to translate these values into a currency you are more familiar with.

Understanding the importance of goalkeepers

In Sorare you will be able to play a game of Fantasy Football, in which you will line up teams each week consisting of a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, an attacker and an extra player. Mathematically, in a starting XI of a soccer team, you have 1 goalkeeper for 3 or 4 defenders, 3 or 4 midfielders and 2 or 3 forwards. Taking into account that there are only a limited number of copies available for each player, the goalkeeper has very quickly become a very rare commodity on Sorare.

To illustrate my point, you can find good rare cards for an estimated price of 0.050 ETH to 0.100 ETH. To find a goalkeeper with similar performance, you should expect to pay at least 0.300 ETH, which is three to six times bigger than the price of an outfield player.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a goalie, you can use one of your common cards from the start to participate in the 4th division of the Global All Star. This card will have a high malus (45%) on its result, but it will allow you to participate in the competition at a lower cost. Also, it is fundamental to have an excellent goalkeeper if you do not want to invest a lot of money on this position, and improve your chances of getting a rare card.

Choose your clubs carefully.

Therefore, preferably choose 3 clubs with outstanding goalkeepers. At the time of writing this article, here are the 10 most successful goalkeepers in the last 40 games:

List of the 10 most successful goalkeepers over the last 40 games (source : SorareData)

So, to get started in Sorare, opt for top quality goalkeepers!

Key resources to get you started on your Sorare research

Once the tutorial is done, you can now start looking for your first cards. But where to start?

If the temptation is great to rush into buying cards, I recommend that you take your time to inform yourself at length before launching into bids and/or purchases, and in particular on the price of cards.


SorareData is THE reference data source on Sorare.

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At a glance, you can view all current auctions and sales, while simultaneously getting average scores on the latest matches, the price over 1 month rolling and the best bids available on the market.

Overview of ongoing auctions

Moreover, SorareData allows you to navigate very smoothly through the data and to get an extremely high level of detail for each player in a few clicks. It may not sound like much, but the service is much more powerful than the navigation offered by Sorare.

Example of a player’s synthesis

The website also offers rankings of the best players at each position and in each league, as well as a detailed cockpit of your collection, the evolution of the market prices of your players and a tool to optimize your team compositions each week.

The data mining capabilities make it a site that is very hard to live without on a daily basis.


Transfermarkt is THE reference site for player data that has become indispensable in the soccer world. Its importance is such that even players follow their own market value over time. The great Cristiano Ronaldo himself had complained in 2020 about the drop in his value and asked the site about it.

Transfermarkt is a great tool for digging into the profiles of the players you identify, and looking at data that can be crucial (such as your players’ injuries) to help you make a decision on whether to buy a card or not.

Overview of a player’s page

Transfermarkt is very useful when you think you are getting an excellent deal on a player to check beforehand that he has not recently suffered a serious injury, or that he has just been transferred to a team not supported by Sorare and whose points will not count in Fantasy Football.

Google News

As surprising as it may seem, Google News will be very useful in your research prior to buying a player. Indeed, you will probably look for players in leagues that you know little or nothing about (K-League 1, J-League, MLS, etc.) to find good players at a lower cost than in Europe.

Under these conditions, you will be surprised by the number of unexpected events that can affect your players: domestic violence leading to a ban from his soccer league, obligation to go to military service , serious domestic accident, etc.

Google News will sometimes be your last line of defense to avoid making a very bad deal, I recommend you not to underestimate this source of information.

Other sources (discord, rss feeds, specialized blogs, etc.) will be able to complete these tools to deepen your research but you are now armed with the vital minimum to go in search of the rare pearl.

The next blog post will focus on the possibility to make money with Sorare.

See you soon,

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