SorareData : King of Data for your Sorare experience !

Mentioned in my article 3 tips to get started in Sorare, SorareData is THE reference data source on Sorare. In this article we will see why SorareData is essential for players and why it is very difficult to do without it.

Reduce the time it takes to find data

Before exploring all the facets of SorareData, it is important to understand the primary interest of this site: saving time. Let’s take a simple example to illustrate this.

Just arrived on Sorare, you are looking for your first card to buy. The first thing you do is to look at the prices of the players you know in the Marketplace and New Cards sections. And there, you might be deceived: most of the players you know have either bad grades or are literally unaffordable. You’ll have to be smart to find good players at an affordable price.

Where do I start?

The market? If the cards are for sale, they are probably above market prices. This may not be the best place to start our search.

The new cards? With auctions underway, current prices are likely to be well below market prices, with prices skyrocketing at the last minute.

The details of each card? It might take a while to look at each of the rare cards, knowing that there can be up to 100 per season (for the rare cards), and that the purchase of a card in another period might not be representative of the current period.

How to find the average price of a card?

Well, you use Excel, right? You’re not thrilled? Well, you can’t just do it on Sorare. It’s as simple as that. Sorare allows you to consult a large amount of raw information, card by card, but is for the moment totally unable to correlate the data. In fact, you will not be able to find on Sorare information such as the average price of a card, the average price of a card over 3 days, 2 weeks or 1 month, as well as the best available offer. You could find the best available offer by going to the Marketplace and looking at all the cards on sale, but what a waste of time!

Supeeeeeeeeeer SorareData !

It is in the correlation of the data that the interest of SorareData lies.

Excerpt from the Cesinha page (source : SorareData)

At a glance, the data is there: average selling price by rarity and reference period, evolution of prices, number of cards in circulation, evolution of prices over time, current auctions, cards available at the market and history of the player’s grades. It’s all there at your fingertips!

Welcome to the magic of SorareData!

Track your collection

SorareData offers a much more comprehensive view of its collection than the basic view offered by Sorare.

Central view of SorareData

Same comment as before. You can see your cards, enriched data, your cards on sale with the lowest price on the market, your performance in the So5 game mode, and all in one place. Royal!

Prepare your compositions

Rather unknown, there is a tool in SorareData very useful to try to optimize its team compositions: the lineup builder. I say try because if the numbers show statistical trends, the reality during a game week may be quite different.

Once logged in with your Sorare account, just click on your nickname in the top right corner of the page and go to the My lineup builder page.

Lineup builder

At the right of the page, you will find the list of your players and all the useful statistics to select the players most likely to get a good grade.

Overview of the player selection window

In addition to the usual statistics L5 (average score over the last 5 games) and L15 (idem over the last 15 games), we are particularly interested in the column Opp. Indeed, the score presented corresponds to the average score of the goalkeepers who play against the opposite team over the last 10 games. Similar scores are available for Defenders, Midfielders and Attackers. A very useful tool to know who is most likely to get a good score against its opponent.

Take a shot

I skip the presentation of the Auctions section of the site, you have understood by now that SorareData presents enriched data, and this section is no exception, it is very interesting to know the average prices and selling prices at the market so as not to overbuy a card that you could have bought cheaper at the Market.

Let’s take a look at the Offers section, and more specifically at Ongoing public offers. Beyond the data-enriched cockpit, what will interest us in this section is the drop-down list at the top of the page:

Drop-down list available in the Ongoing public offers section

This drop-down list allows you to highlight certain cards according to several criteria, and two criteria catch our attention: Newly listed and Best price/Average L5 ratio to worst (or L15).

The most shrewd will undoubtedly scour the Newly listed page in order to identify possible mistakes in the listing in order to make a good deal on the clumsiness of the seller. However, a safeguard has recently been implemented by Sorare to warn users in case of a sale with a price too far out of line with reality. Also, the time/profitability ratio is not as profitable as it was a few weeks/months ago, and you run the risk of buying a card thinking you are getting a good deal when no, this card was a statistical anomaly.

Others may prefer the Best price/Average L5 ratio to worst page which shows the best price to average score ratios. However, be careful and check your bargain beforehand because there may be some statistical anomalies where the average price displayed over a month is not the same as the average price of the card, because an individual has completely overpaid for a card and destabilized the market.

Search for cards

The Card finder section in the Cards area is undeniably one of the most interesting features of SorareData.

Overview of the Card finder section

The reason? You can use this engine to search for cards on the basis of a wide variety of criteria (cards on sale, specific cards, status, etc.). In particular, you can use this feature to list all the cards related to a player in one go, and then quickly see what data is available so that you can try to make a tempting offer to another player for the desired card.

Skimming the top players

Last (very) useful section, the Rankings section. In this section, you will find a console listing the best current players.

Overview of the current top players page

Several filters (league, position, U23, etc.) are available to identify the best current players and the main average prices for them. Very useful when you are looking for a great deal.

Skimming the top teams

As for the players, SorareData provides a page allowing you to scan the clubs based on the average scores of the players of the team (or of the opposing players)

Overview of the teams ranked by the highest average forward rating in the Bundesliga

By clicking on the teams, it is possible to access the details of each club and to quickly know the last starting 11, the last 11 on the last 5 games and the players of each team. This data is very interesting, especially to discover players of clubs that we know less about and to detect players with a high potential.

Participate in SorareData Cups

SorareData organizes its own tournaments with 5 or 11 players in a single elimination tournament format in which you can also win rare cards. For the complete set of rules, I refer you to the page dedicated to the rules.

SorareData cups

Don’t miss out on an additional competition that can earn you new cards!

You now know the basics about SorareData, but don’t hesitate to get lost in the pages by clicking on the links to discover new statistical data you were missing.

Have a good trip!

The next blog post will assess whether it is possible or not to invest in Sorare without investing money.

See you soon,

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