Sorare : the new Limited scarcity makes the game (finally) accessible to all !

Wanted by players with small budgets, the new Limited scarcity finally arrives on Sorare. And with it, a whole range of possibilities for Sorare to build the future.

A new scarcity : Limited

Announced on Sorare’s official blog, the new Limited scarcity arrived on Friday, August 13, 2021, marking the beginning of a new cycle for the French company. With this, Sorare hopes to extend its game to a wider audience, likely to come in with a smaller budget.

Below is the identity card of the new scarcity :

  • Name: Limited
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Scarcity: 1/1000
  • Debut season: 2021/22

A new division : D5

For the time being, the use of Limited cards is restricted to Division 5. Created to allow players with small budget, Division 5 has special rules:

  • 5 Limited Cards required
  • No Commons or Rares are allowed
  • The rewards will exclusively be Limited Cards
  • ETH will be rewarded for podium places

A path for small budgets

In short, Sorare paves the way for players with a smaller budget while still allowing them to have fun by participating in the 5th division, in order to earn rewards that will gradually allow them to purchase new cards, including rare cards.

With 1000 cards on the market, this should bring the price down considerably and allow to dilute the risk associated with a rare card on several Limited cards. For this to happen, Sorare will have to give a particular attractiveness to its cards so that old players will be interested in them without penalizing new players.

What next ?

Between the arrival of the new scarcity, which aims to attract a wider audience, and the possible largest fundraising of the French Tech (paid article in French), there is a huge potential to build the rest of the story. New clubs and leagues are expected to join the adventure in the coming weeks before big news?

We’ll see, but for now, let’s not sulk and explore the possibilities of the Limited scarcity and its new cards.

Next article will focus on how to buy a good card on Sorare.

See you soon,

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